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On Monday, former independent counsel Ken Starr told Fox News's Laura Ingraham that former President Barack Obama had "opened himself up to some of the most serious questions over the last...four years” by commenting on the dismissal of Michael Flynn’s case.

The motion to dismiss the General Flynn indictment I think is very, very troubling for President Obama. It's not only when you read this motion -- and every American should read this motion -- it's very readable.

The question emerges not just what did the president know and when did he know it? I'm going to ask the further question. What did the president do and when did he do it? And did he know that the Department of Justice was being completely circumvented by his director of the FBI, Jim Comey, in league with James clapper. Huge questions.

Don't jump to conclusions, but let's ask the questions. He is now, I believe, with all due respect, opened himself up to some of the most serious questions over the last -- certainly, the last four years.

  • Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grennell should be releasing more information soon. He is said to be releasing the names of the Obama administration officials who requested the identity of the people being surveilled by FISA warrants.
  • "The key is, who leaked the classified information? ...That is the crime. That's a very serious crime. So if the unmasking was related to an understanding that there would then be a leak to David Ignatius or whomever of ‘The Washington Post’ then that person may very well be in jeopardy, but the key is who leaked the classified information," Starr said in the interview, pointing out that the information being requested wasn’t the issue -- it was the intent.

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