Kellyanne Conway: Trump Has ‘Tremendous Moral Standards’

The Obama White House / Public Domain

The Access Hollywood tape, multiple accusations of sexual assault, and mocking of the disabled say otherwise.

Following President Trump's official endorsement of Senate candidate Roy Moore Monday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway hit the airwaves in defense of the president's stance, boasting on CNN Wednesday of Trump's "tremendous moral standards".

According to Newsweek, Conway also promote d the Republican talking point that Moore is better than a Democrat in the Senate.

"The president has tremendous moral standards," Conway said. "The president has said the allegations are troubling. They're also 40 years old. Nobody came forward before. The guy's been on the ballot many times. Doug Jones is a liberal Democrat, the president has said, and he doesn't want to live with a Democrat representing Alabama in the United States Senate."

Newsweek lays out a brief reminder of why Conway's words are difficult to take seriously:

Trump has repeatedly been accused of having dubious moral standards. Not only have a bevy of women accused him of kissing and groping them without their consent, but he was also caught on a 2005 Access Hollywood tape boasting about grabbing women "by the pussy." Even if you exclude his alleged inappropriate sexual advances, Trump doesn't have the best record. Some greatest hits: He publicly mocked a disabled reporter, suggested a TV host he doesn't like is a murderer, said a female reporter with tough questions had "blood coming out of her wherever" and attacked Gold Star military families.