Kellyanne Conway: Trump Attacks My Husband Because He’s Protective Of Me

Screengrab/Fox Business/YouTube

Kellyanne Conway said President Trump called her husband a "loser" and "whack job" because he is protective of her.

According to The Hill, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said that when President Trump attacked her husband as a “loser and a whack job” he was being protective of her.

"He’s protective of me and that’s what people really should take from this," Kellyanne Conway said. "I’m not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job. The president has never made me feel that way."

She admitted that her husband would “certainly” prefer she didn’t work for Trump, but said it was “unusual” for her husband to speak out against the president so publicly.

"It’s unusual for George, who people know as a very private person, who really hasn’t weighed in on many different matters over the years," she said.

In recent weeks, George Conway has questioned if the president has a mental illness. Trump fired back, calling Conway a “total loser,” a “husband from hell,” and a “whack job.” Conway responded that Trump’s attacks prove Conway’s point about Trump’s mental state.

Kellyanne Conway said that she doesn’t believe Trump is mentally ill, and added that her husband is not a psychiatrist. She and her husband generally avoid publicly discussing the differences in their political opinions in order to protect their children. She also criticized the media for “getting into a very dangerous area in discussing people’s marriages.”

"Until this week this was my private life, not my professional life," she said.