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New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz highlighted in a series of tweets on Monday that the daughter of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appears to be posting TikTok videos mocking President Donald Trump and his supporters.

  • RawStory noted that in one video, “Claudia Conway — whose TikTok handle is @shortfakeblonde — complains about fans of the president clogging up her comments proclaiming ‘Trump 2020!’”
  • In another post, “she dances and encourages TikTok viewers to give restaurants and other businesses owned by the president one-star reviews.”
  • Claudia is not the only Conway to criticize Trump — her father, George Conway, has long been critical of the president and is a founder of the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project.
  • Lorenz tweeted that critics saying she is “exposing” Claudia are mistaken, writing: “Claudia and I are mutuals and I literally talked to her. Also she’s been posting vids shouting out her fam on TikTok w/ tens of thousands of views, she wants followers/views and is outspoken abt her own beliefs. Don’t hate!”

See some of Claudia’s posts below.