Kellyanne Conway Running WH Office On Opioid Addiction

Michael Vadon/Flickr

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a statement Wednesday indicating Conway is coordinating administration efforts.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway will head up the administration's end eavor to combat opioid addiction.

Conway will “coordinate and lead the effort from the White House,” according to Sessions. “I think her appointment represents a very significant commitment from the president and his White House team.”

The White House has since refined Sessions's statement saying that Conway was already working with the administration on the issue.

Conway's previous comments on the opioid epidemic have left some wondering if she's the woman for the job.

Conway seems to share Trump’s reluctance to allocate significant funding to combat the opioid epidemic. In June, she made headlines when she told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “pouring money into the problem is not the only answer.” Solving the opioid epidemic, she declared, “takes a four-letter word called ‘will.'”

Conway has “zero background” on drug policy, says Keith Humphreys, a Stanford psychiatry professor and former Obama drug policy advisor, adding that it’s unclear what this position entails.