Kavanaugh Says He’s Never Been Blackout Drunk. An Email Suggests Otherwise.


In a 2001 email, Brett Kavanaugh suggested he did not recall his behavior during a prior gathering.

Brett Kavanaugh said during his Fox News interview and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was never “black out” drunk, where he couldn’t remember events from the night before.

But as The New York Times noted Thursday, an email the Supreme Court nominee sent years ago suggests his statements might not be true.

> At one point on Thursday, [prosecutor Rachel] Mitchell asked the judge, “Did anyone ever tell you about something that happened in your presence that you didn’t remember during a time that you had been drinking?”


> “No,” Judge Kavanaugh said.


> In an email sent to friends from his work account in 2001, however, he wrote: “Excellent time. Apologies to all for missing Friday (good excuse), arriving late Saturday (weak excuse), and growing aggressive after blowing still another game of dice (don’t recall).”


> He does not mention drinking, and the email is from his adult life, not high school. Nonetheless, it could call into question his assertion that he never behaved in ways he did not remember the next day.