Kavanaugh’s Republican Friend From Yale Says He Lied To The US Senate

Brett Kavanaugh's Yale classmate Lynne Brookes accused the nominee of lying during his Thursday testimony.

Several of Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale University classmates disputed the Supreme Court nominee’s characterization of his drinking habits after he told Fox News that he had never drank to excess, but after he made the same claim before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, one of those friends wanted to set the record straight publicly and spoke with CNN.

From The Week:

> One of them, Lynne Brookes, also accepted Chris Cuomo's invitation to join him on CNN after Kavanaugh repeated his claim of relative sobriety under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Cuomo asked Brookes — a Republican who admires Kavanaugh's judicial record — why she changed her mind.


> "I'll tell you, Chris, I watched the whole hearing, and a number of my Yale colleagues and I were extremely disappointed in Brett Kavanaugh's characterization of himself and the way that he evaded his excessive drinking question" and "was lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee today," Brookes said. "There is no doubt in my mind that while at Yale, he was a big partier, often drank to excess, and there had to be a number of nights where he does not remember." She said she can "almost guarantee" he doesn't remember a night she witnessed where he was "stumbling drunk, in a ridiculous costume, saying really dumb things" to pledge a fraternity.

She also rejected Kavanaugh’s claim that playing sports and studying meant he was unable to drink heavily, saying that she too played sports and studied:

> "I studied really hard, too," she said. "I went to Wharton business school, I did very well at Yale, I also drank to excess many nights with Brett Kavanaugh." She recounted a party where Kavanaugh and Chris Dudley, one of his character witnesses, humiliated a female student by barging in on her in a compromising position.


> "I'm not saying it's wrong that he drank," Cuomo concluded after the interview, but "if he's going to be the ultimate judge of truth in our society, a Supreme Court justice, and at 53 years old he's going to lie about what he did when he was 15, what else will he lie about?"

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