Kavanaugh’s Freshman Roommate Said He Was “Frequently Incoherently Drunk”

Screengrab/Guardian News/YouTube

James Roche—Brett Kavanaugh's former roommate at Yale—said the nominee was "frequently incoherently drunk".

Deborah Ramirez was a freshman at Yale University when she claims a drunken Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party, thrusting his penis into her face — and Kavanaugh’s roommate at the time believes it is a plausible story.

From The New Yorker:

> James Roche was roommates with Kavanaugh at the time of the alleged incident and is now the C.E.O. of a software company in San Francisco. “Debbie and I became close friends shortly after we both arrived at Yale,” he said. “She stood out as being exceptionally honest and gentle. I cannot imagine her making this up.”


> He said that he never witnessed Kavanaugh engage in any sexual misconduct, but did recall him being “frequently, incoherently drunk.”


> He described Ramirez as a vulnerable outsider. “Is it believable that she was alone with a wolfy group of guys who thought it was funny to sexually torment a girl like Debbie? Yeah, definitely. Is it believable that Kavanaugh was one of them? Yes.”

Though The New Yorker did not find anyone who attended the party and remembered the incident, several individuals vouched for Ramirez's credibility and character.

And the scenario Ramirez offered did not sound outside the bounds of possible to many:

> Former students described an atmosphere at Yale at the time in which alcohol-fuelled parties often led to behavior similar to that described by Ramirez. “I believe it could have happened,” another classmate who knew both Kavanaugh and Ramirez said. Though she was not aware of Kavanaugh being involved in any specific misconduct, she recalled that heavy drinking was routine and that Ramirez was sometimes victimized and taunted by male students in his social circle. “They were always, like, ‘Debbie’s here!,’ and then they’d get into their ‘Lord of the Flies’ thing,” she said.


> While at Yale, Kavanaugh became a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, or “DKE,” which several students said was known for its wild and, in the view of some critics, misogynistic parties. Kavanaugh was also a member of an all-male secret society, Truth and Courage, which was popularly known by the nickname “Tit and Clit.”

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