Kavanaugh Blatantly Lied About Having No Connections To Yale. He Had Legacy.


Brett Kavanaugh's grandfather, Everett Edward Kavanaugh, also attended Yale University.

Many have come to believe that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh told several lies — or at the very least, grossly misrepresented the truth — during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, and it is now evident that among them were his claims about gaining acceptance at Yale University.

Via RawStory:

> During his rage-filled testimony on Thursday, the prep school boy picked by President Donald Trump for a seat on the nation’s highest court claimed that he got into Yale through his own hard work.


> “Senator, you were asking about college. I got into Yale Law School. That’s the number-one law school in the country. I had no connections there,” he said of the law school affiliated with the undergraduate school [he] attended. “I got there by busting my tail in college.”


> Kavanaugh also said that he got into Yale for his undergraduate education because he “busted my butt.”


> “Senator, I was at the top of my class academically, busted my butt in school. Captain of the varsity basketball team. Got in Yale College. When I got into Yale College, got into Yale Law School. Worked my tail off,” Kavanaugh claimed.

But The Intercept reported Saturday that Kavanaugh was untruthful with these statements — perhaps not in saying he worked hard, but in saying he had no connections to the school.

> Kavanaugh was a legacy at Yale, where his grandfather Everett Edward Kavanaugh went. His father, Everett Edward Jr., was born in New Haven, home to his father’s alma mater, Yale. The younger Kavanaugh was again busted using a yearbook—this one from 1925.


> Brett Kavanaugh’s grandfather, who died four years before his grandson’s alleged attempted rape, is even buried in New Haven.