Karl Rove: Trump’s Attacks Against The Media Are Reminiscent Of Joseph Stalin

LBJ Library/Public Domain

The senior adviser to former President George W. Bush said President Trump should "tone down" his attacks on the press.

Karl Rove is not a fan of President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media, saying Monday that the president needs to “tone down” his rhetoric, according to The Hill.

“I think this is over the top," the GOP strategist, who served as a top adviser to former President George W. Bush, said on Fox News. "Every president has problems with the media. I was in the White House for seven years - I didn’t like the coverage they gave George W. Bush, particularly the liberal New York Times."

"But I think the president is better if he makes his case on a case-by-case basis, that is to say, when they say something that is wrong, he ... respectfully disagrees with them," Rove said.

Rove went on to compare Trump’s attacks to the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who similarly called the press the “enemy of the people”:

"I grew up during the time of the Cold War and that is a phrase that was used by Stalin against the enemies of the Communist regime," Rove said.

"I think the president would be well-advised to tone down the rhetoric," Rove added.

Trump’s venom for the press has only increased since he took office, and he has gone so far recently as to accuse journalists of causing war and being "horrible, horrendous people."

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