Kanye West to a New York crowd on Thursday that he is considering having his name legally changed to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West" for a year, according to Insider.

The recently-born again rapper dropped the comment at the fifth annual Fast Company Innovation Festival, where he also addressed economic empowerment and his potential presidential run in 2024.

"Martin Luther King didn't get killed because he had a dream; he had something else he was going to talk about,” West said. "He talked about black empowerment, economic empowerment.”

He went on to complain that he showed Forbes “a $890 million receipt and they still didn't say 'billionaire,'” adding, “They don't want us to know that we can buy land; they don't want us to have the 100 percent ownership [that] I have at Yeezy."

"When people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire, I say I might legally change my name to 'Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West' for a year until y'all understand exactly what it is…,” West continued. “It will be on the license plate."

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