Kansas Lawmaker Claims Schools Don’t Need More Funding, They Need More Prayer

The majority of Rep. Randy Garber's fellow lawmakers disagreed; the $500 million funding bill passed 63-56.

Rep. Randy Garber of Sabetha, Kansas believes that problems within America’s education system can be fixed if we “put prayer and the Bible back in and give it a chance.”

According to The Wichita Eagle, Garber made the comments during a statehouse debate Sunday regarding a $500 million increase in funding for Kansas schools over a five year period.

Mark Desetti, a lobbyist for the Kansas National Education Association, said there is prayer in schools each day — there just isn’t organized, directed prayer for one faith.

“The idea that suddenly if kids are praying, or if kids are under orders to pray, that it’s going to solve everything — that’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Desetti said.

The Republican lawmaker linked the removal of prayer from schools to a slew of issues, including lower test scores and teen birth rate increases.

“STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) skyrocketed, birth rates among unwed girls skyrocketed, and our answer to that is abortion. We won’t talk about that today. Pregnancies to girls under 15 skyrocketed. Aggravated assault arrests — I could go on and on,” Garber said.

Garber’s advice notwithstanding, the funding bill passed the House 63-56.

If your solution to real life problems is telepathically communicating with a sky wizard, you should be thrown out of office. Come up with a real solution, and then go pray it works if that's your thing.