Just a reminder why Trump, Hannity and Cohen are panicking - What about all the criminals there already? Donald Trump – RICO over Felix Sater, Bayrock, and other unnamed offences. Trump is indicted. He is also under investigation for sexual abuse and human trafficking relating to Trump Models. Money laundering through Deutsche Bank and the Cyprus Bank
Mike Pence –under investigation for lying to the FBI over Mike Flynn, conspiracy to obstruct justice over Flynn’s ties to Turkey and Russia, violating the Logan Act, and other serious unnamed offences that sources refused to specify.
Paul Ryan – under investigation for accepting Russian money from Sergei Kislyak at the GOP Convention and subsequently admitting that he knew it was being washed into the GOP.
Rex Tillerson – under criminal state investigation by NY AG Schneiderman for Exxon stock fraud over the ‘Wayne Tracker’ emails.
Steve Mnuchin – the Treasury Secretary is under investigation for espionage and money laundering relating to Russian money pumped into Trump’s campaign. He was taped in Scotland by GCHQ, who have given the recordings to U.S. intelligence.
Mike Flynn – while we reported that Flynn was indicted for FARA failure under Turkey, he can expect charges for espionage. His work for Putin involved co-ordinating Putin’s propaganda of hatred right across Europe as we reported. He additionally has been a knowing Russian asset since he was at the DIA. He used AI to coordinate Russian propaganda in the US election.
Mike Flynn Jr – also being investigated for espionage. His father had made a deal to spare the life of his son, we reported. That deal, separate sources said, was later nullified by the authorities because Flynn Jr. would not stop tweeting out divisive propaganda and hatred of the kind he propagated during the election, knowing it was from Russia.
The Republican Party as a body is under investigation for RICO for accepting Russian money. The GOP itself is being considered to be a corrupt organization under the RICO statutes. Sources were firm that the GOP, as it is presently known, may no longer exist after this investigation and a new party of the right may have to form. Sources did not say if charges or indictments had been returned against the party, however.
Donald J Trump Jr and Eric Trump are under investigation for, among other offences, knowingly allowing and abetting the use of the Kelhios botnet to steal credit card information in Trump hotels, which was sold on the darknet, in collusion with the Russia mob and Peter Levashov. This is why Ivanka Trump was removed from Trump Hotel companies by her father. His attempt to exculpate her was considered risible by sources familiar with the matter.
Donald J Trump Jr is on tape colluding with Russia in France before the election. He is being investigated for collusion with Russia over the meeting that was taped in Trump Tower.
(These are not intended to be exclusionary. We are aware of other offences the Trump sons and their father are being investigated for including money laundering through Deuches Bank and the Cyprus bank.)
Jared Kushner is being investigated for money laundering, collusion with Russia and Israel as well as his slum lord activities.
Ivanka Trump is being investigated for washing Russian money into Iran with her fraudulent Azerbaijan hotel deal. She is under investigation for other activities about which we are preparing a separate story.
Eric Trump, Brad Parscale, Jared Kushner, Pyotr Levashov, Michael Cohen and Boris Epshteyn (among several others) are under investigation for espionage, money laundering, and other offenses for the activities of the Alfa, Spectrum and Silicon Valley Bank servers washing hacked voter databases and the stolen DNC ‘Vertica’ database to the Trump Server. The Kelhios botnet was used to propagate the hack.
Michael Cohen is under investigation for money laundering and, along with Boris Epstein, paying hackers on behalf of Trump. as suggested in the Steele dossier.
Paul Manafort is under more additional investigations than we have time to list here, including FARA violations, money laundering, RICO, bribery, espionage, lying to the FBI, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. That list is not meant to be exhaustive.
Mitch McConnell is under investigation for violating the Logan Act by running his own foreign policy in Iran in defiance of President Obama, as well as for links to gun and drug runners linked to the MEK organization.
Jason Chaffetz is under investigation for tweeting Director Comey’s letter, which was classified.
Devin Nunes is under investigation for espionage. He is on SIGINT in Portugal colluding with Russia. He is also under investigation for obstruction of justice, for revealing earlier this year that “one member of the transition team” (which was Mr. Epshteyn) was under FBI investigation.
Steve Bannon is under investigation for espionage for colluding with the Russian state. So are Nigel Farage and Dana Rohrabacher, who was taped by multiple Western nations on a fishing trip together and in the case of Farage on many other occasions.
Julian Assange is under investigation for espionage. Nigel Farage acted as Trump’s courier to Assange. Wikileaks is regarded as an arm of the Russian state.
Carter Page is under investigation for espionage. The tape, or recording, of Donald Trump agreeing to change sanctions policy for hacking help, which he took to Moscow, is in the hands of Bob Mueller. The first FISA application made in June 2016, which named Page, Manafort, Epshteyn and Trump, was made over their conversation with Sergei Kislyak in the Mayflower Hotel in which Trump agrees to do this. The FISA warrant application failed, sources speculated, because Trump may not have known at that time that he was being taped.
Jeff Sessions is under investigation for espionage, obstruction of justice over the firing of Director Comey and conspiracy to obstruct justice. He has, however, cooperate with the authorities since Comey was fired and may have mitigated the penalties he would otherwise have incurred.