Journalist: Murdoch Asked Trump To Investigate If His Ex-Wife Was A Chinese Spy

Rupert and Wendi Murdoch, 2006.Oxfam America/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reported that Rupert Murdoch allegedly asked President Trump to investigate his ex-wife.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, an expert on the machinations of Fox News, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch asked President Donald Trump to investigate his ex-wife to determine if she was a spy for the Chinese government.

"Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who controls Fox News, has a personal relationship with the president," Sherman said. "The Democratic Congress might want to find out what favors potentially did the Murdoch family get because of this access."

Sherman went on to say that "close Murdoch associate" told him that "Murdoch reached out to Donald Trump and asked if his ex-wife, Wendi Murdoch, was a Chinese spy."

Hayes asked Sherman to clarify the allegation, to which he responded: "Sources close to Murdoch told me that in a conversation with the president, [Murdoch] asked him if the intelligence agencies could look into whether his ex-wife was a Chinese asset."

Sherman acknowledged he is unsure if Trump followed through on the request but said "the fact that these conversations, these mutual relationships are happening is something that crosses the line from access journalism to whether there is an abuse of power."