John Cornyn Is Receiving Three Public Pensions On Top Of His Senator’s Salary

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Senator John Cornyn (R-Tx.) has been serving in government for most of his life. Because of this, Cornyn is enjoying the kind of financial security that many Americans would crave.

Currently, Texas’ senior senator is receiving three public pensions on top of his current salary and benefits according to his 2017 financial disclosure form.

In addition to the salary of $174,000 Cornyn earned as a U.S. Senator, he also received over $80,121 in pension payments in 2018. He was given an $11,347.44 pension from the Employee Retirement System of Texas; $8,764.44 from TX County and District Retirement System; and he got another $60,009.60 from the Employees Retirement System of Texas (Formerly Judicial Retirement System of Texas).

In Texas, the state Cornyn serves as Senator, the 2017 median household income was $59,295, less than what he receives in pensions alone. More, only 41 percent of Texans have a retirement plan and 16.6 percent of Texans were still uninsured as of 2016. In a state with these less-than-ideal statistics, it seems only Cornyn is coming out on top.

Cornyn isn’t the only Texas politician who has been caught double dipping. In 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry was found to have been supplementing his $150,000 governor’s salary with over $92,000 from a state pension.

“I think it would be rather foolish to not access what you’ve earned,” Perry said.

Unlike Perry, Cornyn is drawing his pensions and salary from separate levels of government. While his salary comes from the federal government, his pensions come from state and local sources.

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