John Bolton Says He Would Consider Testifying Against AG William Barr


John Bolton said he would consider testifying against Attorney General William Barr if House Democrats call him.

According to The Hill, former national security adviser John Bolton said during a Tuesday interview that he would consider testifying against Attorney General William Barr if House Democrats were interested in hearing from him.

  • Bolton reportedly expressed some hesitancy over testifying but said he would consult his attorneys if he is called to speak.
  • He told The Washington Post’s Robert Costa: "I'll certainly consider it if and when it comes up and consult with my lawyers and try and do the right thing.”

The question is raised as the House Judiciary Committee prepares to subpoena Barr for an investigation centered on the firing of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who was investigating members of the president’s family and inner circle in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

  • Bolton said he has no knowledge of Berman’s termination; however, “he said he did hear Trump raise the SDNY investigation into the Turkish bank Halkbank, which was being probed for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions against Iran, when he spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”
  • The veteran diplomat said he was concerned by the interaction, as well as Trump’s comments “about what he would do to influence it.”
  • Bolton has been in the spotlight over his new book, which the Trump administration has tried to keep from being published. The book “paints the White House as a place of chaos, full of back-stabbing senior government advisers and officials who relent to the president's whims and demands,” The Hill noted.
  • When asked if he will testify against Barr, Bolton said, "You know I'd rather not get into a hypothetical. Let's see what they do. The way they mishandled the impeachment inquiry gives me pause, I have to say — especially in light of the circumstances and things that President Trump has done to prevent the book itself from being from being published."
  • Bolton “frustrated both parties and the White House by offering to testify during the Republican-controlled Senate impeachment trial” earlier this year.

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