Joe Manchin: In An Election Contest Between Sanders And Trump, I’ll Pick Trump

Ibrahim on Twitter
Ibrahim on Twitter

“Joe Manchin says he “absolutely will not” support Bernie Sanders’ agenda, says he won’t vote for him vs. Trump, and refuses to rule out voting for Trump”


Asked if he would vote for Bernie Sanders or Trump in a 2020 match up, Joe Manchin said: "It wouldn't be Bernie."

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin recently told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto that he would back President Donald Trump if the 2020 election came down to the president or Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

According to The Hill, the West Virginia lawmaker said he would “absolutely not” support Sanders, describing the Vermont senator’s political agenda as “not practical where I come from.”

Asked which candidate would get his vote if Sanders was on the ballot next year, Manchin said: "Well, it wouldn’t be Bernie.”

Pressed further on the issue, the lawmaker suggested he would vote for Trump in such a scenario. “Let’s just say I’m going to make decisions based on what’s best for my country and my state,” Manchin said.

He also criticized Sanders’ Medicare For All plan, saying from a financial standpoint, it simply is not tenable.

“Bernie keeps saying ‘Medicare for All,’” Manchin said. “I said, 'Bernie we can’t even pay for Medicare for some.'”

Trump won West Virginia by 40 percentage points in 2016, The Hill noted.


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It does not matter if he supports Sanders or that he does not support Sanders. It only matters that he not support Trump.


In a vote of Manchin and a dog...Woof woof..

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