Joe Biden Warns That Trump ‘Is Going To Try To Steal This Election’

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Joe Biden said he believes that President Trump will try to steal the election in November.

Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he believes President Donald Trump will go to great lengths to win in November, saying during an interview that Trump will try to “steal” the election.

  • The Washington Post reported that Bide, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, issued his warning during an interview with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah.
  • Biden said: “This president is going to try to steal this election.”
  • The former vice president added that ensuring a fair voting process “is my greatest concern. My single greatest concern.”
  • Asked if he had given thought to Trump refusing to leave office if he loses, Biden said he has.
  • Later in the interview, Biden addressed “the number of high-ranking former military officers who spoke out over the past week about Trump’s response to the protests,” The Post noted.

“I’m promise you, I’m absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said.

  • The Democrat issued a similar warning in late April, according to the report, suggesting that Trump would try to delay the November election; however, Trump has no authority to do so and has not indicated he would try.

Biden also pointed to Trump’s apparent hypocrisy over mail-in voting during the Wednesday interview, which the president has repeatedly claimed will result in rampant fraud if adopted on a wide scale.

  • Biden mentioned widespread voting issues amid recent primaries, including Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“We’re putting out a major initiative of lawyers to make sure we’re in every single district in the country to patrol this,” he said. Citing some of the delays in counting ballots in Pennsylvania, Biden speculated that the country wouldn’t know who won the state until a month after the general election.

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