Joe Arpaio Calls For New Investigation Into Obama’s Birth Certificate


Arpaio claimed that he has evidence Obama's birth certificate is fake but said "no one will look at it".

In an interview Wednesday with CNN's Chris Cuomo, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio - who recently announced his bid for the Senate - maintained that he has evidence proving that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is fake and offered to present that evidence to anyone who wished to see it.

"No doubt about it, we have the evidence, I'm not going to go into all the details, yeah, it's a phony document," Arpaio said on "Cuomo Primetime."

"We have the evidence, nobody will talk about it, nobody will look at it, and anytime you want to come down or anybody we'll be glad to show you the evidence," Arpaio said.

Cuomo pressed Arpaio again on the topic: "So you believe that President Obama's birth certificate is a phony?"

"No doubt about it," Arpaio said.