Jimmy Carter Becomes Pen Pal To Children Working On School Project

Commonwealth Club/Flickr

Three students wrote to former President Jimmy Carter with questions about his presidency, and he wrote back.

When three California middle school students researching the Iran hostage crisis couldn't find answers to all of their questions, they decided to straight to the source and wrote a letter to former President Jimmy Carter.

To their surprise, Jimmy Carter wrote back.

The documentary is for the upcoming LA County History Day Competition.

History teacher Chad Laines said the boys’ thesis blew him away.

“If Jimmy Carter would have been elected to a second term of office, then perhaps he could have negotiated Middle East peace,” Laines said describing their belief.

Jaciel Lira, Armaan Ahmed and Kevin Bracamontes -- all 12-year-old seventh graders at Fedde Academy in Hawaiin Gardens -- wrote to Carter in November with a list of three questions.

Two months later, they had a response. Carter wrote his answers directly on the students' original letter, along with a personal note.

‘He actually, like, wrote on our letter,” says Armaan.

“I was, like, shocked,” Armaan said.

The group hopes their letter will give them an added boost in getting to the the National History Day Competition in Washington, D.C., in June.