Jim Jordan: Whistleblower Has Right To Protection, Not Anonymity

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CBS News on Twitter

“Jordan says the whistleblower has the "right to protection," but not "anonymity," https://t.co/XzQ7tZcw2D https://t.co/3SstpKKDnm”


Rep. Jim Jordan somehow believes the whistleblower will maintain his right to protection if his name is made public.

Rep. Jim Jordan told reporters this week that the whistleblower who filed a complaints against President Donald Trump regarding his activities involving Ukraine does not have the right to anonymity, only to protection.

“He has the right to protection, that’s what the whistleblower statute says. It doesn’t say anonymity," the Ohio Republican said. "And I think when you’re talking about the President of the United States, for goodness sake, the American people — who we all represent — they have a right to know.”

But Jordan's logic is flawed. By denying the whistleblower anonymity, Jordan would undermine the right to protection that he agrees the law affords.

Trump and other Republicans have argued from the beginning that the president deserves to know the identity of his accuser, also arguing that the whistleblower's political affiliation taints the credibility of his claims.


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