Jim Jordan To Taylor: You Were Wrong On Quid Pro Quo Because Trump Released Aid

ForAmerica on Twitter
ForAmerica on Twitter

“Rep. Jim Jordan to Ambassador Kent: "What you heard did not happen. It didn't happen. You had three meetings with the guy... It's not just could it have been wrong. The fact is it was wrong." #DemsGotNothing https://t.co/gkPJkESmYI”


"What you heard did not happen. It didn't happen."

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) insisted that acting Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor was wrong about President Trump's quid pro quo with Ukraine, because the president released U.S. military aid to the country without Ukraine committing to Trump's desired investigations.

What Jordan failed to mention is that Trump only allowed the military aid to flow after an intelligence community official blew the whistle on the scheme.

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"After the police came, I stopped robbing the bank. So I'm not guilty of anything!!!"

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