Jim Jordan And Mark Meadows Refer Cohen To Department Of Justice For Perjury

Reps. Jim Jordan (left) and Mark Meadows.Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA2.0/Flickr

The congressman wrote that Michael Cohen "willfully [testified] falsely and fictitiously to numerous material facts."

According to the Washington Times, GOP Representatives Jim Jordan (OH) and Mark Meadows (NC), two of President Donald Trump’s allies, encouraged the Department of Justice to investigate Michael Cohen for perjury. They are accusing Cohen of lying to Congress during his testimony on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee.

In a letter to Attorney General William P. Barr, they wrote: “In sum, Mr. Cohen’s testimony….was a spectacular and brazen attempt to knowing and willfully testify falsely and fictitiously to numerous material facts,” they wrote. “His testimony included intentionally false statements designed to make himself look better before a national stage.”

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, beginning in May, for lying to Congress in 2017.

The legislators said that Cohen lied when he said he “never defrauded any bank.” They referenced "his guilty plea to five counts of income tax evasion and one count of making false statements to a banking institution."

They also insisted that Cohen lied when he said he never sought a job at the White House. They cited documents that signaled his hope for a position in the administration. The representatives also provided text messages from those connected to Trump, who insist that Cohen lied when he said he did not want a job at the White House.

“There are other instances in which Mr. Cohen’s statements to the Committee were immediately contradicted by witnesses with firsthand knowledge of the subject matter,” the letter said.

Jordan and Cohen engaged in a heated exchange on Wednesday when Trump's former personal attorney accused the lawmaker of mischaracterizing his words in an effort to further tarnish his credibility: "Shame on you, Mr. Jordan," Cohen said.

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These "Knuckleheads" just won't give up!!!! Hey Jordan how did you wiggle out of WrestleMania and your boy Meadows could use some Anger Management Classes!!! Cohen is going to jail for his crimes, yet you folks allow a man in the WH to continue to lie,betray and totally disgard his oath of office,as you two are doing.Put the Nation First!!!!

Linda Ed
Linda Ed

Funny how they didn't report Cohen when he originally lied to Congress to protect Trump. Gym Jordan, rape enabler, couldn’t hear the rapes, or the victims’ cries for help. He can’t hear Trump’s incessant lying, but suddenly he’s found something to get his attention. Jordan allowed boys on the wrestling team to be molested by the team doc, even after the boys told him.

Meadows is offended for being called a racist because he has a black friend & family members, but has made many racist comments re: Obama &others

Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows should be investigated for not wanting to investigate the truth. Not one question to find out the real deal. Complicit? This should be a HUGE Dem talking point about this. They should repeat it every time any Republican talks about Cohen's lying. Why didn't Jordan, Meadows, and/or any other Republican refer Cohen to DOJ for perjury the first time around?