Jexodus? Jews Are The Least Likely To Approve Of Trump

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American Jews are the least likely of all religious groups to approve of President Trump, according to Gallup.

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, only 16% of Jewish people in the U.S. identify as Republicans, while approximately half of U.S. Jews identify as Democrats. These statistics are especially notable in light of Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D) recent comments, which were deemed anti-Semitic by many. In response to the comments, Republicans have been speculating that Jewish people will leave the Democratic party in what they are calling a “Jexodus,” or, Jew Exodus.

It is too soon to tell if Jewish Americans really are leaving the Democratic party, but according to Gallup trends, the potential is there. Still, American Jews are the least likely of all religious group to approve of Trump. In 2018, Trump scored a 71% disapproval rate among Jews, and only a 28% approval rate.

The Washington Post also noted earlier this week that polling data and experts indicate there is no Jexodus taking place from the Democratic Party during Trump's tenure: "They show a demographic group that continues to vote at exceedingly high rates for Democrats — as it has for decades. That number actually ticked up when Trump was elected, with 71 percent voting for Hillary Clinton and only 24 percent voting for him in 2016."

It will be many months before polls can document whether or not Jews are leaving the Democratic party over Omar’s comments. An important factor in whether or not they do leave is how long the controversy lasts. There is no guarantee that any movement will result from the comments.

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This isn't actually aimed at the relatively small number of Rightist Jews: it's yet more cynical pandering to his Evangelical base, who (and they are not alone) confuse the biblical Children of Israel with Likud, in hopes of Armageddon...

Charli Magrath
Charli Magrath

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