Jews In Texas Celebrating Holidays In Secret Due To Resurgent Anti-Semitism

Jews in Texas are holding their holiday in secret due to resurgent anti-Semitism according to Newsweek.

Jews in Texas are holding their holiday festivities in secret due to resurgent anti-Semitism according to Newsweek. A reporter from Newsweek was forwarded an email that explained the security precautions Jews in Texas are using to keep their holiday safe.

*We are about one week away from the High Holy Days and would like to remind you all about the procedures to be followed for attending the Services. [Name Redacted's] High Holy Day guest policy allows members to bring guests. The only requirement is that guests be accompanied by the member(s) who invited them or that prior arrangements be made. (Email holydays@[redacted] so a guest pass can be provided.)

Guests will be asked to provide their names and addresses on a sign-in sheet. Upon arrival, as you enter the corridor leading to the [redacted[ and [redacted] rooms on the 2nd floor of the [building], you will encounter a Greeting Table. Please be prepared to show your Name Tag or the High Holy Day Pass that you can access by Clicking Here. After printing the pass, be sure to enter your name(s) on the pass and the name(s) of any guest(s) accompanying you.

If your guests arrive without you, please ensure that they have a Guest Pass. If you arrive without either of the documents, the Greeter will ask your name and check it off on the roster. If you are accompanied by guests, please identify them to the Greeter so their names and address(es) can be recorded.

This procedure will be repeated for each service. There will be a security guard positioned close to the Greeter's table. [Effusive gratitude for cooperation redacted.] [Name Redacted] does not publish the location of its services, just the schedule and an email address if more information is desired. If your guests will arrive separately, please be sure they know where the services are being held.*

This is Trump's America.