Jeffrey Epstein Attended ‘Wall Street 2’ Viewing Party Thrown By David Koch


Epstein's relationships with those close to Trump have raised eyebrows following his recent arrest.

In 2010, Jeffery Epstein had just been released from jail when he attended a viewing party for “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.” The party, thrown by David and Julia Koch, also included future members of the Trump administration:

  1. Trump confidante Rudolph Giuliani

  2. Future treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin

  3. Future commerce secretary Wilbur Ross.

Epstein, by that point, a registered sex offender, had just plead guilty to procuring a minor for prostitution.

According to Raw Story, the agreement to not prosecute Epstein in 2010 was decided by Alex Acosta, who would later become Trump’s labor secretary.

Epstein’s relationships with Trump and many of those in his inner circle have raised eyebrows in the face of his most recent arrest for sex trafficking.

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