Jeff Sessions Pushing FBI Director To Purge Agency Of Top Officials

Many suspect Trump is attempting to hobble the FBI as revenge for the Russia investigation.

According to reporting from Axios, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been pushing FBI Director Christopher Wray to clean house and make a 'fresh start' by replacing top staff at the Bureau.

For several months, Sessions has been prodding FBI Director Christopher Wray to clean house, according to Axios. Sessions has singled out two officials for the chopping block: [Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe, who previously oversaw the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, and a top bureau lawyer, James Baker.

The FBI has taken a good bit of heat under the Trump administration, with the president himself making hostile remarks on Twitter and elsewhere, and McCabe has been a favorite target:

Once he reaches eligibility to collect his pension in March, it is expected that McCabe will retire.

The FBI has said McCabe was not involved in any fundraising events for his wife’s campaign for state Senate and that he did not begin overseeing the Clinton investigation until after his wife’s campaign was over.