Jeff Sessions’ Church Disavows His Use Of Bible To Justify Separating Families

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The United Methodist Church released a statement asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse the policy.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned to the Bible in order to justify the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that has seen at least 2,000 migrant children separated from their parents in the past several weeks.

But Sessions’ own religious denomination, the United Methodist Church, has responded in condemnation to his proof-texting of Romans 13.

Via The Week:

Jesus is our way, our truth, our life. The Christ we follow would have no part in ripping children from their mothers' arms or shunning those fleeing violence. It is unimaginable that faith leaders even have to say that these policies are antithetical to the teachings of Christ.

Christian sacred texts should never be used to justify policies that oppress or harm children and families. [United Methodist Church]

The statement explicitly refers to Sessions as a “fellow United Methodist” and urges the attorney general to reverse the policy that is breaking up families.

The Trump Administration implemented these policies. They have the power to stop these horrific actions. Join me in calling on the Department of Justice, and especially on our fellow United Methodist, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to immediately reverse these decisions.

When you reach out, be sure to share with them the Social Principles of our United Methodist Church, which uphold the rights of immigrants, oppose family separation, and demand protections for women, children and men from violence.

Read the full statement here.

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well said


Where are pastors like Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren and others who should come out and state their position on this matter. They are all cowardly silent. Shame on these guys.