Jeff Bezos's Wealth Hits New Record


Jeff Bezos set a new record for the world's richest person according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Jeff Bezos's wealth increased to nearly $172 billion setting a new record for world's richest person. This new record surpassed his previous wealth record that came just before his divorce from ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos.

"MacKenzie's wealth also hit a record: She's now worth $57 billion, making her the 12th richest person in the world. Her wealth skyrocketed 54% year to date, or an increase of nearly $20 billion, according to Bloomberg's tallies", CNN reports.

Bezos owns roughly 57 million shares of Amazon making up 12% of the company. Amazon's stock has increased 56% year to date. This increase is a result of the decrease in retail demand and increase in online sales due to the pandemic.

"Bezos' company, which has faced criticism for employee safety and pay, said this week it’s giving out more than $500 million as a "Thank You bonus" to frontline workers who were with the company throughout the month of June. That move comes after the company eliminated a $2 hourly wage bump and double overtime pay for frontline workers at the end of May."


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