Jeb Bush: I Am Not Sure If I Will Ever Run For President Again

Screengrab / YouTube

The unsuccessful 2016 presidential candidate said he feels like a "fish out of water" in today's political environment.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush isn’t sure he would run for president again after his failed bid in 2016, telling CNBC he feels like a "fish out of water" in America’s current political climate.

“I love policy. I love my country. But this political environment right now, I'm not suited for. To be honest with you. I'm a fish out of water. I can't imagine having to attack someone to make yourself look strong."

Bush doesn’t hold President Trump responsible for the sociopolitical state of the country but views him as “a byproduct” of it.

The division in the U.S. is "dangerous," he argued, pointing to Roseanne Barr's recent racist tweet and comedian Samantha Bee's vulgar commentary. "How can you explain this to your children and grandchildren?"

"We have to be civil with one and other. We have to embody some sort of character, I think, or this all falls apart," Bush said. "Politics is a mirror of our culture, and public leaders have the responsibility to fortify the culture not to make it worse."

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