Japan Disputes Trump’s Claim That Iran Was Behind Saudi Oil Field Strike

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“We are not aware of any information that points to Iran," Japan's defense minister said this week.

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said on Wednesday that he is “not aware of any information that points to Iran” as the force behind attacks on Saudi oil fields over the weekend, according to Common Dreams.

“We are not aware of any information that points to Iran,” Kono said during a press briefing. “We believe the Houthis carried out the attack based on the statement claiming responsibility.”

However, Kono noted that Japan is still working to determine precisely who was behind the drone strikes, adding that he believes the country can be a mediator in this situation.

“Given Japan’s strong ties with the U.S. based on the U.S.-Japan Alliance, and the relationship of trust that Japan has with various countries located in the Middle East, Japan is in a position to fulfill a mediating role,” said Kono.

The Trump administration was quick to accuse Iran after the attack, presenting as evidence “satellite photos that experts said are not clear enough to assign blame.”

Other countries have also expressed skepticism that Iran was behind the strike: “French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Tuesday that he is not aware of evidence demonstrating Iranian involvement, despite claims by U.S. and Saudi officials.”

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I personally wouldn't put it past Trump himself to be the one who ordered the attacks just so he can start a War, hoping it will keep our Nation from free falling into another Great Depression before the next election in 2020.

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