James Comey: Trump Won't Even Criticize Vladimir Putin In Private

Former FBI Director James Comey told USA Today that President Trump "won't criticize Vladimir Putin, even in private."

In an interview with USA Today, former FBI Director James Comey said he found it disconcerting that President Donald Trump would not speak ill of Russian President Vladimir Putin "even in private".

While disconcerting, such a reality is not surprising.

Trump rarely has criticized Putin publicly and generally with reluctance; but seemingly with ease, the president congratulated Putin on his reelection this year -- against the advice of his aides -- and invited the Russian leader to a sitdown at the White House.

Though that meeting appears less likely to occur as time goes on, the fact remains that Trump was quick to initiate the idea and without regard to input from his advisers.

Numerous examples exist of Trump's inability or lack of desire to address Putin's actions in terms those actions deserve.

Watch the interview above. Comey's relevant remarks begin at 7:12.