Jailed Russian: I Hacked DNC Under the Command Of Russian Intelligence

Screengrab/Business Insider/YouTube

The hacking group 'Lurk' allegedly hacked the DNC and "very serious military enterprises of the U.S." and others.

Russian intelligence ordered a group of Russian hackers, known as Lurk, to break into the Democratic National Committee's servers, according to testimony from one of the alleged hackers.

The hacker, Konstantin Kozlovsky, told a Moscow court in August of this year that his nine-member hacking group — which has been accused of stealing over $17 million from Russia's largest financial institutions since 2013 — has been cooperating with the FSB for several years, according to the independent Russian news outlet The Bell. Part of that cooperation included hacking the DNC, he said.

Kozlovsky said along with orders to hack the DNC, the group was also instructed to target "very serious military enterprises of the United States and other organizations."

If confirmed, Kozlovsky's work with the FSB could undermine the Kremlin's repeated claims that it had nothing to do with DNC hacks during the 2016 campaign. And it would fit a consistent pattern in which Russian intelligence officials recruit skilled hackers to engage in cybercrime.