Jacob Wohl, Currently Under Indictment, Is Offering $50K To Out Whistleblower

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Jacob Wohl has a long history of pushing the legal and political envelopes to the absurd. He is also under indictment.

Conservative internet troll Jacob Wohl, together with fellow conservative Jack Burkman, is offering a reward of $50,000 to anyone who has information on the identity of the whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Donald Trump regarding Ukraine.

The Washington Examiner reported on Thursday that Wohl and Burkman claimed their goal is to assist with transparency on the issue, which has rocked Washington, D.C., all week and only grew more tense after the White House released a transcript of Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president.

“This individual is key to understanding exactly what happened and how we can move forward,” Burkman wrote in a statement. “We’ve put forth this reward in hopes of bringing more information to light and putting this dark chapter behind us.”

Wohl and Burkman are notorious right-wing trolls who have been caught more than once attempting to smear politicians on the left with fabricated scandals and accusations.

Wohl is currently under indictment in California, where the staunch Trump-defender has been charged with the unlawful sale of securities in 2016.

A teenager at the time, Wohl “portrayed himself in media reports and pitches to potential investors as a hedge fund wunderkind,” The Daily Beast reported, at one point claiming in promotional materials that he had been trading for nine years. This would have made the sketchy far-right activist just 8 or 9 years old when he started his career in finance.

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Horrible human all the way through.


That's a loose use of the term "human".


A much better use of $50K would be to offer it to the 1st convict who manages to shank mr. wohl in prison...

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