Ivanka Trump’s Brand Was Once Worth $100M. Now It’s Gone Thanks To Boycotts.

Ivanka TrumpScreengrab / CBS News / Youtube

Ivanka Trump shuttered her once-successful fashion line last year, purportedly to focus on her work in the White House.

The Ivanka Trump fashion line met its end last year after the president’s daughter and adviser determined she could not keep the company running — and part of that decision, shuttering a business once valued at $100 million, undoubtedly involved poorer sales due to boycotts.

The New York Times reported in July that boycotts of Ivanka’s product line led “major retailers like Marshall’s, Nordstrom and T.J. Maxx have removed her clothing and accessories from store shelves.”

[In July], Canada’s largest full-line department store chain, the Hudson’s Bay Company, said it would stop selling Ms. Trump’s products.

Those lobbing accusations against President Trump of profiting from the office also suggested Ivanka was doing the same:

Almost since the moment Ms. Trump arrived in Washington, there were questions about whether she and her father’s advisers might be using her new prominence to advance her business interests.

Shortly after the election, people working on behalf of Ms. Trump’s brand promoted a $10,800 bracelet she wore during an interview broadcast on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” prompting accusations that the Trump family planned to treat the White House as something like the cable shopping network QVC.

In the end, critics were only somewhat appeased when the fashion line was laid to rest.

“While this is a notable step in the right direction, it’s a small one that comes much too late,” the statement said, adding that Ms. Trump had “reportedly realized that there were too many potential conflicts of interest to avoid, something many observers warned about from the beginning.”

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