Ivanka Receives Five More Trademarks From China As Trade Talks Continue

Michael Vadon/CC BY-SA 4.0

As her father continues trade talks with China, Ivanka Trump was granted preliminary approval for five more trademarks.

China has granted preliminary approval for yet another round of trademarks for Ivanka Trump, White House adviser and daughter of President Donald Trump, according to CBS News.

Four trademarks, including child care centers, sunglasses and wedding dresses, were approved on Sunday. A fifth, covering brokerage, charitable fundraising and art valuation services, was approved on Jan.6, according to online trademark office records. The applications were filed in 2016 and 2017. If no one objects, they will be finalized after 90 days.

Though Ivanka shut down her brand last year, ethics watchdogs remain concerned that both she and her father could be setting the stage to benefit once they leave the White House — particularly as the president is engaged in ongoing trade negotiations with the Chinese government.

Ivanka Trump's expanding intellectual property holdings have long raised ethical concerns, particularly in China, where the courts and bureaucracy tend to reflect the will of the ruling Communist Party. Even though Ivanka Trump, who serves as a White House advisor, shut down her brand last year, critics say the trademarks could help her revive her business after her father leaves office.

In November, China granted 18 trademarks to companies tied to the president and his daughter.

If the five most recent trademarks are officially approved, it will add to the 34 approved by the Chinese government last year.