Ivanka Claims She Passed On Father’s Offer To Lead The World Bank

Screengrab / Fox News / Youtube

Ivanka, who is currently a White House senior adviser, says she loves that she's doing now.

AP News reports that President Trump offered his daughter, Ivanka Trump, the job of World Bank chief, but she declined to take the job. Ivanka Trump says she is happy with her current role as a White House senior adviser.

Ivanka says of the job, “He did ask me about that, but I love the work that I’m doing.”

Ivanka helped select the new head of the World Bank, David Malpass. She is confident that he’ll do “an incredible job.”

Ivanka was then asked if her father offered her other top jobs. Ivanka said she would “keep that between” the two of them. She does not think she will run for office in the future.

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