Italy Says “Arrivederci” To Stephen Bannon And His Unwanted Training Academy

Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Italy stops Stephen Bannon's plan to raise the next generation of conservatives.

The Italian government is pressing the breaks on Stephen’s Bannon plan to develop a right-wing school in a historic monastery, according to the Washington Post.

The “gladiator school,” as Bannon termed it, was aimed at developing the next generation of conservative leaders, and promoting the worldview of the former White House strategist.

On Friday, the Italian government announced it would revoke Bannon’s right to property, due in part to his failure to pay concession fees and performed maintenance work on the property.

The government claimed the decision was not driven by political considerations.

Bannon is well connected with Italy’s right-leaning elite, but he faces strong opposition from parliamentarians on the opposite side of the political spectrum, who argued said it was improper for the school to be located in one of the country's cultural centers.

The site's lease was acquired in 2017 by Benjamin Harnwell, the leader Catholic think tank Human Dignity Institute and a close ally of Bannon. In its initial bid, the organization said the building, which it would rent for $112,00 per year, would be used as a Catholic academy.

According to Harnwell, the culture ministry had agreed that the rent money would be channeled to renovations.

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