Italian Council Is Flooded Immediately After Rejecting Climate Change Measures

Image Courtesy of Andrea Zanoni/Facebook


Veneto regional council members found themselves stranded in a flooded building on Tuesday night.

In a stroke of irony, an Italian council located on Venice's Grand Canal was flooded on Tuesday for the first time in its history immediately after rejecting measures to fight climate change, according to CNN.

Democratic Party councilor Andrea Zanoni said in a Facebook post that Veneto regional council’s chamber in Ferro Fini Palace began taking on water late Tuesday night, as the councilors were discussing the 2020 budget.

"Ironically, the chamber was flooded two minutes after the majority League, Brothers of Italy, and Forza Italia parties rejected our amendments to tackle climate change," Zanoni said.

The chairman of the environment committee noted that some of the rejected amendments were “measures to fund renewable sources, to replace diesel buses with ‘more efficient and less polluting ones,’ to scrap polluting stoves and reduce the impact of plastics,” CNN reported.

Zanoni also included images of the flooded building with his social media post, adding that a budget was presented "with no concrete actions to combat climate change.".

Council President Roberto Ciambetti, a member of the far-right League Party, dismissed Zanoni’s description of events, writing in a statement to CNN: "Beyond propaganda and deceptive reading, we are voting (for) a regional budget that spent €965 million over the past three years in the fight against air pollution, smog, which is a determining factor in climate change.”

"To say that we do nothing is a lie," Ciambetti continued. "We are a region that after the 2010 flood launched a plan to safeguard hydrogeological safety for a total cost of €2.6 billion, an exorbitant amount for regional finances."

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