Ironically, The ‘Mooch’ Called Steve Bannon A ‘Bad Hire’


Anthony Scaramucci left the Trump administration after a very short time after making obscene comments about Bannon.

The Trump administration has enjoyed its share of interesting characters, but Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci might have been the most colorful thus far. Scaramucci was relieved of his duties after explicit comments he made about Steve Bannon went public.

Ironically, he now tells CNN that Bannon was a "bad hire".

"He's not a team player," Scaramucci told CNN's Chris Cuomo. "You can't say Steve's not a smart guy, you can't say that Steve's not a good writer, you can't say that after Andrew Breitbart's death he didn't help raise the profile of Breitbart — not a super profitable place, but certainly had a very high profile in the last election. So I want to be fair to him, but I also want to be accurate."

"I think he was a bad hire, not because he wasn't talented, not because he wasn't smart and quote unquote strategic, he just didn't want to play inside the sandbox with the other people," Scaramucci said.