Iowa Re-Elects Steve King, A Racist Lacking In Legislative Accomplishments


Iowa congressman Steve King rarely struggles to win reelection from term to term, having served in the U.S. House since 2002, despite his not-so-subtle racism and lackluster legislative record.

On Tuesday, the Republican lawmaker won another term representing Iowa’s 4th District, even after losing corporate support and facing fresh accusations of racist behavior.

Via Bloomberg News:

> The victory comes after King was abandoned by some Republican leaders and donors over his embrace of white nationalists and for rhetoric that had been denounced as racist. King had also lost financial support from dairy giant Land O’Lakes, telecom giant AT&T, and pet food company Purina.

> King, an original face of the Tea Party, will be the only Republican representative from Iowa in the next Congress. As a lawmaker from the state holding the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, his support was hotly sought by GOP presidential candidates in the 2016 election.

But King did not find the same degree of favor with the Des Moines Register leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The newspaper noted that King has done little in the way of sponsoring successful legislation during his eight terms in office:

> This one’s a no-brainer for any Iowan who has cringed at eight-term incumbent King’s increasing obsession with being a cultural provocateur. In his almost 16 years in Congress, King has passed exactly one bill as primary sponsor, redesignating a post office. He won’t debate his opponent and rarely holds public town halls. Instead, he spends his time meeting with fascist leaders in Europe and retweeting neo-Nazis.

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Sad that IA doesn't believe they deserve better.


Wow Iowa, good to know who you are.

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