Investigators Are Turning Their Attention To Kushner's Role In James Comey Firing

CNN is reporting that investigators are now probing Jared Kushner's role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

It's been reported previously that Kushner advised Trump to fire James Comey against the judgement of Trump's legal counsel.

The question of whether -- or just how much -- Kushner influenced the President's decision to fire Comey is a matter of dispute among those in Trump's orbit. White House sources say it was the President alone who made that decision after watching Comey's congressional testimony May 3. While Kushner and those close to the White House will only say he was in favor of the decision -- or, in the words of one attorney, "did not oppose it" -- there are multiple sources who say that Kushner was a driver of the decision and expected it would be a political boon for the President.