Intelligence Expert: Trump’s Foreign Policy Gave Putin What He "Always Wanted"

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain


By undermining relationships among U.S. allies, Trump has given Russia increased influence on the world stage.

Former U.S. Navy intelligence and counter-terrorism specialist Malcolm Nance warned this week that President Donald Trump’s foreign policy has been a boon to Russia, according to Newsweek.

During an interview with RawStory, Nance said that Trump is undermining America’s traditional alliances, leaving room for Russian President Vladimir Putin to exploit the weaknesses — particularly regarding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Trump has repeatedly blasted NATO allies for not spending enough on defense, Newsweek noted, as well as questioned “the alliance's founding principle committing all signatories to collective defense.”

Nance said the resulting friction among NATO member states "is the first step of what Putin has always wanted,” adding that increased Russian influence on the world stage is "the greatest thing that's ever happened” for the Kremlin.

"I think our allies think that information warfare and propaganda and Fox News has so tainted the country that the commonsense of the United States can no longer be relied on,” Nance said.

He also told RawStory that Trump’s obsession with wealth and power has made the president an easy target for Putin. "He sees the world through Moscow's glasses," Nance asserted. "If Donald Trump sees the world through rose-colored glasses, they're glasses that were created, tinted, framed, and put on his face by Moscow."

"Now Putin leads Donald Trump around on a leash," Nance concluded.

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