Intel Officials Fear Public Hearings On Worldwide Threats Will Anger Trump


U.S. intelligence officials do not want to clash with President Trump after last year's worldwide threats hearings.

Top U.S. intelligence officials quietly requested to hold the annual and public worldwide threats hearings behind closed doors to avoid retaliation from President Trump, according to CNN.

The House will be moving forward as planned, scheduling a public hearing for next month and formally inviting the acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire to appear.

At last year’s worldwide threats hearings, Trump was frequently contradicted by his own intelligence leaders after stating what they thought were accurate analyses.

“President Trump was extremely frustrated. He came out and he came out against the fact that the intelligence community officials provided assessments that contradicted his policies and his statements on specific foreign policy issues, with regard to Iran or Korea,” CNN’s Kylie Atwood, a national security reporter, said.

“So this creates the perception that the intelligence community is worried about coming up against President Trump and getting into this battle with him about what the facts are and what the intelligence community assessment is on these issues,” she continued.

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