Intel Agencies: Russia “Likely” The Source Of Continued Cyber Attacks Against US

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Investigators have said they believe the massive hacking campaign is an intelligence gathering effort.

The group behind a massive hacking campaign targeting U.S. government agencies and private companies “likely originated in Russia,” according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies investigating the matter.

Via CNN:

While top US officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have previously suggested that the hacking campaign was carried out by a Russian-backed group, Tuesday's joint statement offers the most definitive and concrete assessment about the attack's origins from agencies investigating the incident.

In short, the statement issued by the Cyber Unified Coordination Group (UCG) clearly acknowledges what US officials and experts have suspected since the data breach was first disclosed last month: the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor responsible is "likely Russian in origin."

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump “has previously questioned intelligence suggesting the hackers were linked to Russia, and he has downplayed the impact of the breach, which top US officials and experts say is historic and could take years to fully understand.”

Tuesday’s joint statement said the attack has affected “less than 10” U.S. government agencies and a number of private companies, CNN reported, and “is believed to be ‘an intelligence gathering effort,’ but investigators are still working to understand its full scope.”

Even as US officials continue to grapple with the fallout, the statement clearly states that investigators currently believe the attack does not amount to an "act of war" as some lawmakers have suggested.

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