Insider Account: Trump Proposed Sending Asylum Seekers To Guantanamo Bay


Trump wanted to send asylum seekers from Central America to Guantanamo Bay, where terrorists are housed by the U.S.

President Trump once proposed designating migrants entering the U.S. without permission as “enemy combatants” and sending them to Guantanamo Bay, according to The Guardian

A Warning, a behind-the-scenes account of the Trump White House, was written by an anonymous author described as “a senior official in the Trump Administration,” and claims that such a proposal would have effectively condemned all undocumented migrants to the same legal treatment as the al-Qaida architects of 9/11.

This plan, according to the author, was rooted in Trump’s unfounded conviction that unlawful migration across the U.S.-Mexico border was “the biggest crisis in American history.”

Not only did Trump sign an executive order to reopen Guantanamo Bay as a prison camp in January 2018, reversing Barack Obama’s policy of closing it, but Department of Homeland Security officials reportedly explored the idea of sending some migrant children to Guantanamo. 

The wild idea was quickly and quietly opposed: “Before the president could make a public case for the concept, officials quashed it.”

In the book, the author likens Trump to a fifth-century Greek, Cleon, a “prominent Athenian” who “inherited money from his father and leveraged it to launch a career in politics.”

Cleon pursued populist policies and “was a crass and blunt public speaker, an immoral man who frequently sued his opponents, an armchair critic of those in power, and an orator who preyed upon the emotions of the people to whip up public support for his opinions.”

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