Inexplicably, Karl Rove Attacks Joe Biden’s Pandemic Response

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GOP strategist Karl Rove wants to know what Joe Biden knew and when he knew it regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

GOP strategist Karl Rove had a burning question he wanted answered after recordings of President Donald Trump admitting to playing down the coronavirus surfaced: What did Joe Biden know, and when did he know it?

Mediaite reports that Rove went on a five-minute rant in a Wednesday appearance with Fox News’ Sean Hannity about Biden’s response to the pandemic — despite Biden not being president.

“First of all, I was intrigued by his rhetoric in his speech,” Rove said. “He said ‘The president failed to do his job on purpose.’ That is to say, the president wanted people to die, he wanted them to get sick, and he did it on purpose. [Biden] said, this is ‘a life and death betrayal.’ I mean, that is really over the top.”

But Trump was heard on tape earlier on Wednesday telling Woodward: “I wanted to always play it down” to the public even after privately admitting to the journalist that the virus was “deadly stuff.”

“So, he deliberately attacks the president in an over-the-top way. Here’s the more important point to me,” Rove then said, before pinning the focus of the pandemic response on Trump’s 2020 rival, while not-so-subtly invoking language used in the Watergate investigation of President Richard Nixon. “What did Joe Biden know, and when did he know it, and what was he thinking at the time this coronavirus came on? Because right now he is saying, President Trump did everything wrong, I’m a genius, if you would only listen to me, if I’d only been in charge.”

“So I’m sitting here saying, here is a guy lecturing the country, saying Donald Trump killed people deliberately, and if he’d only listened to me,” Rove said. “When he and his people are not saying we need to shut down the economy, we need to have everybody wear a mask, we need to quarantine in place, we need to do this, we need to do that — in fact, they’re saying that’s a fear epidemic and the idea that this is going to be a serious pandemic is very unlikely.”

However, Mediaite noted that Biden wrote a prescient op-ed in USA Today on January 27 that Rove conveniently failed to mention. The former vice president wrote at the time:

“The outbreak of a new coronavirus, which has already infected more than 2,700 people and killed over 80 in China, will get worse before it gets better. Cases have been confirmed in a dozen countries, with at least five in the United States. There will likely be more.”

To be blunt, I am concerned that the Trump administration’s shortsighted policies have left us unprepared for a dangerous epidemic that will come sooner or later.”



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