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Medium writer Indi Samarajiva explains that passport-bearing American citizens are no longer able to travel visa-free to many of the nations they enjoyed access to prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Samarajiva writes,

Americans have gone from having access to most of the world to being banned from most of it. Today, Americans are only allowed in a few Caribbean islands and the Balkans. An American passport is now worthless. Worse than worthless, it’s a plague.

  • Americans can travel to only 29 countries without a visa. About a dozen of these nations are remote Carribean islands, and most of those which are not require 14-day quarantines upon arrival.
  • Samarajiva explains that although other nations may want to admit American visitors, “they just can’t. The point of a passport is that a sovereign power vouches for its bearer, but America can’t vouch for the health of their citizens at all.”
  • In the COVID-19 pandemic, the public health administration of a small state such as Liberia has become more trustworthy than that of the United States, where “irrational federal actions” politicize mask-wearing and prematurely push citizens back into in-person interactions. Samarajiva calls this “not the absence of public health,” but “its opposite.”
  • And, an independent model that uses machine learning, projects approximately 200,000 dead and 50 million infected in America by November 2020.
  • Samarajiva also notes that “you can’t trust Americans” because they demonstrate a low masking rate, sometimes do not even believe COVID-19 is a legitimate health threat, and are likely to refuse testing and break quarantine.

Samarajiva puts forth a chilling prediction for the United States:

COVID-19 could have been managed in January, or February, or even now, but not a full year later, in January 2021. Given that you need a functioning government to manage this pandemic, that’s the soonest Americans can get one.

It’s far too late.

…Even after election day, Donald Trump will still be in power for nearly 3 months, until January 20th. Besides impeaching a dead-duck President, there’s nothing America can do but wait, while COVID-19 grows ever stronger. Grows completely out of control. In a pandemic, days matter, hours matter. A year is entirely too late.

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