In Written Answers, Trump Said That He Didn’t Remember Over 30 Times

Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Trump responded that he had no knowledge of the matter in question 37 times in Mueller's written interview.

The newly released Mueller report detailed President Trump's responses to written interview questions from the investigator's team. The president indicated for more than 30 separate occasions and questions that he "did not recall, remember, or have independent memories" of numerous crucial events under investigation, The Hill reports. As a result, Mueller and his team concluded that his written responses to their inquiries were "inadequate."

The team's questions probed into Trump's awareness of the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, Russian interference during the election, his business's projects in Moscow, and communication with Russians during the campaign and transition.

He stated that he had “no recollection of learning at the time” about the meeting in June 2016 involving his campaign chairman, son, son-in-law, and Russians who offered to provide the Republicans confidential information on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. "Nor do I recall" hearing about the incident during the campaign, he responded. Although his schedule showed that Trump was in New York and in the building where the meeting took place for at least part of the day, he responded that he had “no independent recollection” of where he was on the day in question.

According to The Hill, Trump responded 37 times that he had no recollection of the events or matters about which investigators asked. In the 448-page report, Mueller wrote that he found responses "incomplete or imprecise." To Trump's lawyers, Mueller said that Trump's responses “'demonstrate the inadequacy of the written format, as we have had no opportunity to ask follow-up questions that would ensure complete answers and potentially refresh your client's recollection.'”

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