In WI, Pro-Trump Man Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening Jewish Neighbor

William James

Gregory Kirst, a pro-Trump biker, was charged with disorderly conduct with a hate crime enhancement.

Fox News is reporting that Gregory Kirst, 49, of Mequon, Wisconsin was charged with a hate crime after removing his neighbor's pro-Biden sign and then referring to them by ethnic slurs.

Kirst removed his neighbor's "Biden for President" sign and then subjected his neighbors to anti-Semitic abuse. Kirst allegedly brought his young daughter in tow while removing the pro-Biden sign.

According to published reports, Kirst referred to his neighbor as a "dirty Jew" and also blamed Jews for the violence in Portland, Oregon.

Prosecutors say officers were called out for a report of a verbal dispute between neighbors, and spoke with a husband and wife, who indicated Kirst had come onto their property with his young daughter -- removing a "Biden for President" sign and throwing it on the ground. The wife said she yelled at him through her screen door to leave, but he didn't. She added that she, "Lived in America and had freedom of speech," at which point she said Kirst said, "(Expletive) you," and gave her the middle finger repeatedly. The wife said she was "frightened for her safety" and concerned for Kirst's young daughter who witnessed the incident.

The husband confronted Kirst, the complaint said, at which point Kirst called the man a "dirty Jew," according to prosecutors, adding that Jews had caused the riots in Portland. The man said he was scared by Kirst's conduct.

The complaint said following the altercation, Kirst went into his garage, grabbed a cloth and painted a "Jews for Trump" sign for his yard.

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